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A special online event to celebrate the publication of “The Bloomsbury Handbook to Friedrich Froebel”

Date: Friday 8 December 2023

Time: 08.00 New York / 13.00 London / 14.00 Erfurt / 22.00 Tokyo (duration 1 hour)

To mark Bloomsbury’s publication of this major new book, we’re holding a free online event with the opportunity to meet the editors and hear what’s in the book. The event is aimed at students, scholars and educators with an interest in the history of Froebel’s educational ideas and his influence on contemporary studies and educational contexts around the world.

About this event

IFS President, Grace Choi will welcome participants and introduce the five editors who will introduce each section of the Handbook and discuss its significance and relevance.

  • Professor Tina Bruce CBE: General Introduction and what the reviewers say about this book
  • Professor Helge Wasmuth: Connections – searching for the authentic Friedrich Froebel
  • Dr Yukiyo Nishida: Disconnections & transitology – the transfer, translation and transformation of Froebelian study and practice
  • Jane Whinnett MBE: Reconnecting – exploring and working through the challenges of Froebelian practice
  • Dr Sacha Powell: Interconnecting – exploring and finding links between the essentials of Froebelian principles and practices and current research and theories

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Preview extracts from the book

Bloomsbury are offering a free preview of the Handbook. Use this link to open the preview:

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To obtain a discount of 35% off the recommended retail price, please use the following location-specific code and order from this web-page:

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