Drawing of Friedrich Fröbel looking right

“The Bloomsbury Handbook to Friedrich Froebel” by Bruce, Nishida, Powell, Wasmuth & Whinnett (eds.)

Our worldwide Froebel community will be pleased to learn of the new Bloomsbury Handbook to Friedrich Froebel, edited by Tina Bruce, Yukiyo Nishida, Sacha Powell, Helge Wasmuth, and Jane Whinnett. The handbook includes chapters written by numerous international experts and is available from November 2023. Readers of this website can benefit from the 35%-off discount code here, in the flyer.

“Friedrich Froebel (1782 – 1852), the inventor of kindergarten, was one of the most influential educational thinkers of the 19th century. This book showcases the cutting-edge work being undertaken around the world inspired by this pioneer of early childhood education and shows the many ways in which Froebel’s work has been applied and extended. It presents a wealth of Froebelian expertise on topics including pedagogy and curriculum, history, architecture, neuroscience, peace and religious education and links Froebel’s theories to other thinkers including John Dewey, Michel Foucault, Paulo Freire, Aili Helenius and Chen Heqin. It highlights what Froebel means today in a variety of settings around the world and includes contributions from academics and practitioners based in North and South America, Europe, Australasia, Africa and Asia.”

The publisher’s description